The HAB Worldwide Standard aims to ensure uniformity in Halal regulation and certification across the globe.  The Standard sets out guidelines on all aspects of production to ensure the Halal integrity of products, including  food health and safety regulations, storage, delivery and cleaning and cleansing which takes into account scientific developments to prevent contamination from pork and other unacceptable derivatives.


Certification Procedure

Applying for Halal Certification with the HAB involves the following steps:

  1. Preparations must be made to ensure all company procedures, facilities and equipment meet the Worldwide Halal Standard and any necessary changes are made. Contact us (link) for a copy of the Standard.
  2. Apply online for an audit with Halal Authority Board Inspectors.
  3. The audit will then take place. It is important to ensure that all preparations have been carried out and that Halal production is running at the time of the audit. Failure to do so will result in a second audit.
  4. Following the audit, there will be a meeting to discuss any changes which are needed to meet the requirements of the Standard. These must be implemented within 28 days (subject to the discretion of the audit team).
  5. There will be a further audit if required to verify any changes which have been implemented.
  6. A decision will then be made by the Certification body. An audit report will be produced and a certificate will be issued if successful.
  7. The company/organisation will be added to HAB’s database of certified Halal producers.
  8. The Certification will be review annually to ensure compliance and maintenance of Halal production.

Benefits of Certification

HAB’s Halal Certification can benefit both the consumer and the producer:

    For producers:

    1. They can offer their products to the global Muslim market, which constitutes approximately 1.6 billion people (20% of the world’s population) and described as the most untapped market in the world;
    2. They can benefit from HAB’s Worldwide Standard, which has been devised by expert Islamic scholars and leaders in the Halal production industry to ensure it produces high quality products of Halal integrity;
    3. They can benefit from the advice and expertise of HAB and the Halal Authority Inspectors (HAI) to ensure products are Halal;
    4. The HAB logo can be used on product packaging  and labels;

The company’s details will be added to our database of Certified suppliers, which can be accessed by consumers around the world;

For customers:

      There is peace of mind that the products they are purchasing are Halal without having to review the ingredients to decide whether they are suitable. HAB’s Worldwide Standard gives reassurance to Muslim consumers, wherever they are in the world.