About HAB

The Halal Authority Board (HAB) is a Halal Standards organisation which regulates the production of Halal products in accordance with Islamic law, from the rearing of livestock and the production of drinks, right through to serving the customer in the retail sector.

The Halal sector has failed to fulfil its maximum potential due to the lack of a uniform standard applicable to Halal production in all countries around the world. This is problematic, particularly for the 1.6 billion Muslim consumers who are becoming increasingly more conscious of their religion in a globalised world.

HAB has produced a transparent all-encompassing Worldwide Halal Standard and a fully integrated Certification process with leading experts in Islamic law and the Halal meat production industry. It brings together different Halal Standards from around the world, giving full assurance to the Muslim consumer that the products are Halal, wherever the Muslim is in the world. 

Most of our audits are undertaken by highly trained Halal auditors from SGS to ensure that all inspections are independent, fair and fully transparent. Inspectors receive comprehensive training in all aspects of Halal production, including the principles of Halal, legal and technical aspects and the importance and methods of cleanliness and purification.






The Worldwide Standard

The Halal Authority Board’s Worldwide Standard is a comprehensive set of guidelines for the production of Halal meat, food and drink. The Standard sets out guidelines on all aspects of production to ensure the Halal integrity of products, including food health and safety regulations, storage, delivery and cleaning and cleansing which takes into account scientific developments to prevent contamination from pork and other unacceptable derivatives.

Currently, there are five modules which cover:


  1. Primary Production of Livestock;
  2. Primary Processing of Livestock, which includes guidelines on cleaning and cleansing; slaughter of livestock and packaging and labelling.
  3. Further Processing;
  4. Logistics;
  5. Food Service, which covers preparation of Halal food for the consumer.

The Standard has been developed in conjunction with other Halal Standards and is therefore applicable to meat production all around the world. Over time, the Standard will develop and evolve in order to take into account any changes and new advances in technology.

Halal Authority Board (HAB) is the trading name of Halal Pioneering Ltd registered in the UK with company number 8022150.